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To coordinate and institutionalize student learning assessment efforts through the integration and implementation of the Evaluation of the Student Learning Plan of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

To provide support services to coordinators of the assessment program about the selection of suitable quantitative and qualitative instruments and the disclosure of assessment results within the campus.

Institution's Mission

Institution's Mission

martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Platero y Yo: Assessment in a Theater Play

Assessment of student learning nurtures itself from both direct and indirect information. Usually, when we think of direct evidence we envision student's work in the form of essays, monographs, tests, and presentations, among others.

The Performing Arts Department has a unique approach to assessment. It uses, along with course embedded assessment, its theater plays to assess various student learning outcomes with the help of rubrics, surveys (given to actors and spectators), and checklists. One fundamental element has been the use of video cameras to record its plays for assessment and research purposes. Students then conduct self and peer-assessments to improve their performances, while the professors assess them through each stage of the play.

Their new theater play, called Platero y Yo, is an example of how the Performing Arts Department is using their ongoing projects to assess student leaning with the help of an uncommon resource: video cameras.

Platero y Yo, a play based on a series of short stories by Juan Ramón Jimenez, and directed by Prof. Maria E. Mercado and Prof. Julia Thompson, will be presented to the general public in the Theater of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus on April 17th, 2012. A handful of participants will receive a spectators' survey to evaluate the play as well as the acting abilities of the students, thus participating in the assessment process.

On March 29th, an advance preview of the play will be performed in the lobby of UPR-RP's Theater. The funds collected during this presentation will aid the group's participation in the FRINGE Festival -the biggest performing arts festival in the world- to be celebrated in August 2012 in Edinburgh, UK.

Platero y Yo Promo (You tube video)

Platero y Yo's Facebook Page

Platero y Yo - Flyer 1

Platero y Yo - Flyer 2

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